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Good Pills is a chain of online stores that offer medicines worldwide. This international dispensary provides low cost generic and branded medicines to their customers anywhere in the world. Among the medicines they offer are generic erectile dysfunction drugs, pain relief and arthritis medicines, drugs to treat viral and bacterial infections, weight loss pills, and hair loss treatment medicines.

This chain of online dispensaries started to operate in 2001. Since then, they remained to be one of the top online stores that you can find on the web. Just recently, Good Pills has got its licensed approved again under the Canadian Pharmacy Ltd group. Good Pills is licensed by CIPA and MIPA and has been verified by Pharmacy Checker as a distributor of legit drugs online.

Good Pills Reviews

According to marketing analysts, businesses, especially online businesses should invest more on their customers, not on their name or brand. It is because of the power of customer reviews especially online. A number of negative customer reviews can bring a business down while a few positive reviews can help it have a good run. Regardless if Good Pills knew this analysis when it started way back in 2001, it just looks good that after 17 years, Good Pills shows that they invested in their customers and it is shown by the number of positive reviews they have online.

Good Pills Customer Reviews Good Pills Customer Report

For Good Pills customer reviews, we found reviews shared by David, Michael, Andy, and Erica. David of Germany shared that he received his pills and they were effective enough to make him and his wife crave for more. As for Michael, he said that the price of medicines offered by Good Pills is the best as compared to other online and local pharmacies.

Andy who also wrote a review said that ordering from Good Pills is fast especially the delivery timeframe. As for Erica from Germany, the medicines offered by Good Pills are indeed affordable and effective.

The reviews written and shared by David, Michael, Andy, and Erica are very intriguing, in a positive way. As an online buyer for the longest time, we also want to experience ordering from an online pharmacy without worrying as to when our order will arrive. It looks Good Pills e-stores can meet our expectations.

Good Pills Online

For more than 17 years, Good Pills has continued serving its customers with quality and affordable medicines. According to their website, it is their priority and mission to provide their customers with speedy delivery thru the medications they offer. All medicines offered by this network of e-dispensaries are shipped from top pharmaceutical companies.

Good Pills Website

Good Pills brags about three things to their customers – they already accumulated more than a million customers (satisfied and happy customers), they offer the best price in the World Wide Web, and they offer guaranteed fast delivery. Along with these three things is their superb customer support team that can be reached via phone and mail.

For erectile dysfunction medicines, you can find plenty of generic brands from this website. They offer the usual generic and branded Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis as well as brands like Kamagra, Malegra, Aana, Tadacip, Nizagara, Silagra, Suhagra, Erectafil, Aurogra, Sidigra, Fildena, Tadora, and Apcalis. The price of these generic ED brands is less than $1 per tablet. The cheapest is their generic Viagra that costs $0.27 per tablet.

Aside from ED medicines, Good Pills also offer other medications such as pain reliever, weight loss pills, hair loss treatment, diabetes drugs, hypertension, skincare products, anxiety medications, depression medications, and antifungal drugs.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

Because medicines are expensive, people are always trying to find a way to get it at the lowest price possible. When online pharmacies were introduced in the early 2000s, it became an instant hit because of its pricing. The booming online pharmacy industry became bigger and the competition became tighter. As it gets tighter, online pharmacies have to think of ways to win new customers and retain old ones. One of the things they tried is the use of online coupon codes. With coupon codes, low-priced medicines get even cheaper.

Good Pills Benefit

For Good Pills, they knew that giving out coupon code is not the only way to keep or win a customer. They are not offering coupon codes but they provide benefits like free pills on all orders and free shipping on eligible orders. Eligible orders are orders that are worth $200 and above.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

To answer their customer queries and to make it easier for their customers to reach out to Good Pills, Good Pills provided a phone support team that can assist their customers. They provided two different numbers that can assist their UK and US customers.

Good Pills Contact Information

For US residents, the number to dial is 718 487 9792 while 4420 3239 7092 is provided for their UK customers. For all other customers, the best mean of communicating with Good Pills is via their ‘contact us’ page.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Good Pills is an honest website and they want to win their customers with their special offers and perks, and not by sending them annoying emails and phone calls. To avoid doing such, Good Pills e-stores are not saving information such as email address and phone numbers. The only thing that their websites retain is the IP address used by their customers during the order process. Good Pills condone spamming as a marketing tool.


For their support against spamming, for their tons of awesome customer reviews, for their low-priced medicines, and for their easy to use website, we are awarding a 5-star rating to Good Pills network.

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