Lifta Tadalafil Review
Dixon Sappington

Brand: Lifta Tadalafil

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture:  Turkey

Lifta Tadalafil Package Image

Review and Description

Lifta Tadalafil, a generic Tadalafil product, is one of the cheaper options for impotence treatment created to help patients ailing from impotence or ED (erectile dysfunction). This product is the creation of the company Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals, one of the Turkey-located pharmaceutical companies.

The main content of Lifta Tadalafil, as it can be deduced from its name, is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is one of the three PDE5 inhibitor drugs (others include Vardenafil HCl and Sildenafil Citrate), which prove indispensable when it comes to erectile dysfunction treatment. Despite the acclaim for Tadalafil products in the therapeutic segment for impotence, Tadalafil drugs such as Lifta Tadalafil may also be used for treating pulmonary arterial hypertension, premature ejaculation (PE), and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals goes by the company motto “our job is to heal”. This company has been in the industry since 1912 and was founded in Istanbul. This enterprise’s goal is not only to mass produce pharmaceutical products, but it states that it is focused on human health and healing the future. Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals has a portfolio of 350 brands and 180 products in 13 therapeutic segments. It is currently exporting to 50 countries, which signifies the international approvals for the company in these 50 nations. Overall, this conglomerate has over 3500 employees in Turkey alone, making it one of the largest companies in the country.

Customer Reviews

Despite Lifta Tadalafil being manufactured by one of the industry giants in Turkey, the product has not yet received acclaim from patients and buyers able to test the product. This does not mean that Lifta Tadalafil is ineffective for treating impotence—this merely states that the product may not be as popular as the other well-celebrated generic Cialis treatments.

Considering the impressive portfolio of its maker, Lifta Tadalafil may be an effective impotence drug. However, it is still such a shame that a good product has no online reviews yet, although this is possibly due to the product’s present international marketing restriction.

Pricing and Dosage

Lifta Tadalafil is produced by the Abdi Ibrahim company in 20 mg hard tablets. The company does not have other variants for this product and only creates the drug in the conventional hard pill form and in the most popular dosage for Tadalafil (20 mg only).

Patients should take Lifta Tadalafil only when prescribed and may only take the drug once in 36 hours due to long systemic duration in the body.

Even if the drug is not available for online sale, there are other websites with price information for the drug Lifta Tadalafil online, like this website, Eczanesagliktr

Even if the drug is not available for online sale, there are other websites with price information for the drug Lifta Tadalafil online, like this website, According to the site, 4 tablets of Lifta Tadalafil are set at 69 TYL (Turkish Lira), which is equivalent to 19.31 USD. This price is certainly lower than the iconic Cialis drug but is more expensive than the usual generic options for Tadalafil.

How to Buy Lifta Tadalafil Online

There is no store capable of shipping Lifta Tadalafil internationally, so we looked into other generic brands you can consider, especially when you’re looking into purchasing generic Cialis/Tadalafil online. Stores such as and are some of the more reliable stores offering generic Cialis products to international clients and both shops have stocks of generic Cialis you can consider buying in place of Lifta Tadalafil.

How to Use

Take Lifta Tadalafil about an hour or two before intercourse, but since the drug can last up to 36 hours in your system, you can take the drug hours before your intended coital activity. Although Lifta Tadalafil contains a potent dose of Tadalafil, it will not work without the patient having ample sexual stimuli.

Tadalafil drugs such as Lifta Tadalafil are designed to be taken with or without food, so you can have the drug before or after your meals. Nevertheless, Tadalafil products should never be taken with alcoholic drinks or grapefruit juice.

Medicines which are possibly harmful to take with Lifta Tadalafil include aspirin, nitrate medications, blood pressure lowering medicines, heart medicines, and several others. For a complete list of these drugs, consult your doctor.

Side Effects

Taking Tadalafil containing products such as Lifta Tadalafil puts you at potential risk for side effects. Patients taking similar products complain about having a stuffy nose, headaches, flushing, and even back pain. However, these side effects are only considered mild and only affect a slight fraction of the patient population taking Tadalafil treatments. If you have further questions regarding side effects, let your doctor know, especially if these supposedly mild side effects last for more than 2 days.

Conclusion with Rating

Lifta Tadalafil from Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceuticals is a generic counterpart of the drug Cialis. It is used for impotence, BPH, and PAH, but its effectiveness has yet to be confirmed due to its absence of reviews. This drug is from an impressive company from Turkey—one of the largest pharma companies there—which means that this drug has a guaranteed purity and high product quality. Nevertheless, due to its scanty distribution online and its dearth of reviews, the drug may only be rated 3 out of 5. Before using this drug (whenever available), consult your doctor.

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