Megafil Tablet Review
Dixon Sappington

Brand: Megafil Tablet

Active Ingredient: Tadalafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Acme Laboratories Ltd

Country of Manufacture: Bangladesh

Megafil Tablet Package Image

Review and Description

Megafil Tablet is one of the cheaper, generic analogs of Cialis, or the drug the world calls as the “weekend pill”. Megafil Tablet is from Bangladesh, from the company Acme Laboratories Ltd, one of the leading pharma companies in the nation. Megafil contains the same Tadalafil active pharmaceutical ingredient found in the leading drug Cialis.

Although Cialis is already effective in treating males with impotence (ED or erectile dysfunction) of various causes, the drug still burden the patients with its exorbitant pricing. Patients from various social strata could not all afford the drug, which led the generic drug makers to create more reasonably priced generic analogs of the drug Cialis without compromising quality. Generic Cialis products like Megafil Tablet are renowned for their 36-hour effectiveness, similar to the brand-name drug Cialis from the company Eli Lilly. Apart from its application in ED treatment, Tadalafil-based products are also used for the management of prostate enlargement symptoms, premature ejaculation (PE), and even in alleviating the high pulmonary blood pressure in patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

ACME Laboratories Ltd in Bangladesh is one which was incepted in 1954 and currently has a 500 product-large drug portfolio. The company has its expertise in various medical segments and is presently exporting to countries in Southeast Asia, Central America, and Africa. This company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is looking forward to its impending UK MHRA approval.

Customer Reviews

Megafil Tablet is like the quintessential generic Cialis drug—it has no reviews available from any source online. Not all generic Cialis products are able to have their online reports from clients due to their international restrictions when it comes to marketing. Although maybe drugs like Megafil Tablet are widespread in Bangladesh, there are not enough online avenues for the drug to get reviewed, or maybe the company has not marketed the product enough to elicit acclaim from its users. Nevertheless, we can still assume some form of effectiveness from this product since it has been approved by Bangladesh’s FDA equivalent and allowed to market locally.

Pricing and Dosage

Megafil Tablet is created by the company ACME in 10 mg and 20 mg tablet forms. The recommended intake for Megafil Tablet products is 5 mg daily for erectile dysfunction or BPH, or 10-20 mg as needed for erectile dysfunction, depending on the doctor’s recommendation.

Megafil Tablet should only be taken by patients who are actually prescribed with the drug.

According to the available price information for the Megafil Tablet 10 mg, a pack of the product (4 tab) costs 35 Bangladeshi Taka or 0

According to the available price information for the Megafil Tablet 10 mg, a pack of the product (4 tab) costs 35 Bangladeshi Taka or 0.42 USD. This price is significantly lower than the same price for the brand Cialis product for impotence.

How to Buy Megafil Tablet Online

Megafil products for impotence may be widely available in Bangladesh, but international web pharmacy sellers do not have this product available at their stores. Because of this, patients looking for generic alternatives for Cialis should consider searching for other generic impotence treatment brands besides Megafil Tablet. Fortunately, stores such as Pharmacy Mall and Canada Pharmacy 24h have other generic impotence brands available, such as their generic Cialis, which may be purchased for a little over $0.50 USD each pill.

How to Use

Megafil Tablet products may be taken only as needed or may be used on a daily basis. This drug can be taken without regard to oral food intake, as Tadalafil is effective regardless of food intake. The daily Megafil Tablet dose (5 mg; you can split the 10 mg in half) should be taken once a day at possibly the same time each day. On the other hand, the as-needed dose of this product should be used 1-2 hours before intercourse. Patients need to wait for 36 hours to elapse following the initial intake of this drug.

You can’t take grapefruit juice or alcohol with Megafil Tablet, as well as drugs such as aspirin, nitrate medications of all forms, blood pressure lowering medicines, heart medications, and others. If you are taking any maintenance medication, you should inform your physician so he/she can recommend the best dose of Megafil Tablet or Tadalafil for your medical condition.

Side Effects

Taking Megafil Tablet may result to mild side effects including back pain, runny or stuffy nose, facial flushing, and muscle pain, due to Tadalafil’s inhibition of the PDE5 enzyme located not only in the penis tissues. The side effects identified for Megafil Tablet or other Tadalafil products are usually transient and go away in 48 hours. However, if the side effects bother you more than they should, consult your doctor.

Conclusion with Rating

Megafil Tablet is one of the generic choices for Tadalafil impotence treatment from Bangladesh. This drug is manufactured by an ISO certified company, ACME Laboratories, which is a company looking forward to its UK MHRA approval. Despite the enterprise’s credibility, the drug Megafil Tablet is still an unpopular generic alternative to Cialis and has received no feedback from its consumers from the past years. Because of this, the drug may just be given 3 out of 5. We recommend that you consult your doctor prior to the use of this drug and never self-medicate on Rx medications regardless of their generic status.

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